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Northern Lights

Meaning of Sisu

"Sisu" does not have a direct Finnish-English translation; however, it is closely translated to strength of will, determination, perseverance, and maintaining one's inner courage during times of trial. 

At our core, our mission is we are dedicated to delivering dignified, reliable, and high-quality service that empowers individuals to thrive daily.

Our vision is to support people during their personal growth and serve as models of resilient determination in the face of challenges.

Our values at Sisu Living LLC are Passion, Dignity, Transparency, and Integrity. Passion drives us to provide impeccable care and build positive relationships. Dignity reminds us to treat everyone with genuineness, tenderness, and kindness. Transparency is key, as we aim to be open with all involved and build a company based on trust. Lastly, Integrity guides us to always choose what is right over what is easy.

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